Bus changes from September 1st 2020

Essex County Council have withdrawn the early bus pass facility in agreement with the bus companies. Bus passes will start at 9am from 1st September 2020.
From Tuesday 1st September 2020, the 61 bus route is operated by Vectare Ltd, with a slightly revised timetable and some journeys have been renumbered 61 / 61A and 61C. Details of the revised service can be found on the Bus Information page. Stephensons services 71, 71C & 72 are back to the normal timetable from Tuesday September 1st .

NIBSbuses services 21, 31 & 81 and school services
The main change is the return of early evening services on route 31 Pilgrims Hatch circular with the last bus from Brentwood Station at 20.10 .
From September as a temporary covid measure all school services will be for the carriage of students only. No social distancing is required in such circumstances. NIBS are insisting that students must use face covering use hand sanitiser and sit in similar bubbles to those in school.
First Essex from 1st September 2020
32 Blackmore to Ongar & Chelmsford - Schooldays timetable morning & evening peak plus S32 special school buses.
351 Chelmsford to Brentwood - additional service 350 morning Chelmsford to Brentwood and 15.42 return from Ingatestone to Chelmsford.
565 Brentwood - Ingrave - West Horndon - Schooldays timetable morning & evening peak .
First buses are running some double decker buses on the no.9 service.
If anyone experiences or hears about problems in respect of school buses or students' access to scheduled services would they let us know as we can take it up with the relevant company so they can consider taking action.
For timetable information see the Bus Information page


Nibs buses still running

Due to vandals throwing eggs at the windscreen of a NIBS bus, preventing the driver from seeing properly, services on the 21, 31 and 81 were temporarily suspended. The services are now running again today (28/10/2020) and Essex Police have been informed. See NIBS webpage twitter feed


Rumours about 37 bus route untrue

There have been two stories going around , one is that the 37 Brentwood - Pilgrims Hatch bus will be re-routed down the Ongar Road and the other that it will just follow the shortened Sunday timetable route missing out the Gloucester Road , Hatch Road and Danes Way stops.
First Essex have informed us that both of these rumours are untrue.
"The 37 is following the normal route along Doddinghurst Road and around the full Pilgrims Hatch loop. The 20 minute frequency may change at a later date, but the routing won't.
There may be some confusion as the Sunday change under the new tender that came in on 29th March 2020 saw an improvement with the route changing to that of the full weekday route, rather than the shortened version that we previously operated on Sundays until 22nd March."


Essex County Council changes to supported Sunday bus services from 29th March 2020

Following a consultation Essex County Council have made a decision to withdraw five bus journeys from the Brentwood Sunday and Bank Holiday services from March 29th 2020.
Listed below are how the changes affect Brentwood Sunday and Bank Holidays services :
251 Warley - Wickford - Not affected - service remains as is at present
80a/80c Hutton circular - Not affected - service remains as present
37 Brentwood Rail Station - Pilgrims Hatch Clarence Road 20.22 and 20.35 return to be withdrawn.
351 Chelmsford - Brentwood 07.40 to be withdrawn 19.40 to be withdrawn
351 Brentwood - Chelmsford 20.50 to be withdrawn .
Brentwood has not been affected as much as other parts of the County as we only have two one-hourly services already , other areas have had hourly frequencies reduced to two-hourly.

Mike Cotter - Bus Officer.


First Bus timetable changes as from 2nd September 2019

There will be timetable changes to First Services No.9 Warley -Brentwood-Basildon and to First Service No. 351 Chelmsford to Brentwood Mondays to Saturday from Monday 2nd September 2019
Service No.9 has timetable alterations early morning and late afternoon early evening with some buses running earlier and some later. There are 2 less buses from Basildon to Warley before 9am.
Saturday services are similarly affected. Further details here

The 351 Chelmsford to Brentwood service sees 2 less buses between Chelmsford and Brentwood before 9am and 3 less buses between 5pm and 8 pm, and the last bus from Chelmsford is now 19.05.
The 351 Brentwood to Chelmsford will have one less bus before 7.30am and two less after 6pm, the last 351 bus from Warley will be at 19.55. Daytime buses will all run 5 minutes earlier.
Saturday buses before 8am will 10 to 15 minutes later. Further details here

Users of these services are advised to check their local bus stop timetables nearer to the date.


Ensign Buses to quit Brentwood

Ensignbus have announced that their services in the Brentwood area will be operated by NIBS and Stephensons buses (Stephensons have acquired NIBS) from 16 June 2019.
This will affect services 21, 31 and 81. There will be no change to fares, and timetables will remain broadly similar.
Bus X90 between Grays and Brentwood will be withdrawn due to low usage, with existing NIBS bus 269 providing a partial replacement.
A recommended route to Lakeside using the Nibs 269 and the London Transport bus 370 can be found here.
The new timetables can be seen on the bus information page

First buses service updates

There will be timetable changes taking effect from 28 April 2019.
Details can be seen on the First website

Ensignbus abandoning electric buses

The Ensign bus company has decided that it will concentrate on low emission diesel buses rather than electric buses as it has found that they are not economically viable. Here is a link to the article published by the Thurrock and South Essex Independent.

Local bus consultation questionnaire

Essex County Council (ECC) is reviewing the way it supports local bus services which operate on evenings and Sundays and has carried out a public consultation. The consultation also included proposals regarding delivering ECC services differently and devolving ECC funded local bus services to communities.
The consultation has now finished.

New X90 bus route

The new route adds to the 21, 31 and 81 bus routes and provides a service to Grays and the Lakeside shopping centre.Lakeside
Information about this bus service can be found on the Ensignbus website at